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My wife was recently looking at some small children's bikes for one of our daughters and came across the following bike (pictured to the right).

Though we are tired of only choosing between pinks and purples for our girls - girls do enjoy other colors in their lives, or at least the choice to have other colors in their lives, though marketing departments don't seem to realize that* - but this lack of choices is something we have (sadly) become accustomed to.

Thinking about the bike, and a bike purchase in general, we have several requirements:

Is it the right size?...Check.
Does it have training wheels?...Check.
It is bright enough to see from Olympus Mons?...Check.
Is there a sexualized woman leaning over, showing her chest while wearing what seems to be a clubbing outfit as a prominent picture on the bike?...Check. (image below)

Wait, what the hell?

This is a bike for little girls right? I wouldn't imagine a 16" bike, with training wheels, and shinning streamers coming off the handlebars would be targeted for the active, but very short (as in under 40"), stripper community, but the decal fooled me.

If that is the target demographic for this product then Kudos! to you marketing department, you nailed it. We all know that is not the case though.

In a word, disgusting.

Here is a link to the bike (oh, there are many made by MyBike) so you can see for yourselves. Below is the photo that revealed the nature of this bike, and so much more.

the main question now is what to do. I plan on contacting someone about this, directly, or perhaps the creators of MyBike, but suggestions are always appreciated. It is troubling that these products exist, but good to know there are many out there who will fight the goof fight to clear a smooth, (relatively) safe upbringing for young girls and boys out there.

* Marketing departments are not solely to blame, and they know exactly what they are doing.

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